Student discounts and Sponsor Profile: Xero

Student discount now available!  Students of tertiary schools and below can now register at 20% off for devmob with the voucher code: 88eab0919f.  Thanks to our sponsors for making this discount possible!

A note for food allergies: The devmob mobsters have done our level best to provide a menu that will accommodate your basic dietary needs, with options for the more common 1σ variations (vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free).  If you have a food allergy that is a serious issue, we can request specific menu choices for you.  However, we need to confirm our catering requests with St. Margaret’s by 23 October, and we would hate to be unable to provide a safe and nutritious meal for you.  So if you have a food allergy, and you have been procrastinating registering, this is a good reason to take care of it now!

Sponsor profile: Xero

As you will have surely heard, this is an exciting time for Xero!  They raised US$150m in capital this week AND released the latest version of their app for iOS.

Xero now has 600 employees worldwide, and they’ve recently opened new offices in San Francisco, Denver and London.

Early on their mobile presence consisted of  feature-phone-focussed mobile websites.  Since then they’ve moved to packaged web apps using PhoneGap and Sencha Touch (versions 1 & 2), and had a brief flirtation with Backbone.  Since then they’ve created a new team focussed on native development, and have been rebuilding their applications using the native SDKs for iOS and Android.

At devmob they will have the native versions of their applications (iOS and an early build of Android) to demo alongside the HTML/JS versions – where both sets of versions have essentially the same functionality – so you can compare the user experience with each.

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