Event Details


The next Devmob will be held 9-10 December 2017


Snells Beach Retreat, Snells Beach.

What to Bring?

Yourself, your laptop, all mobile devices, great ideas and good vibes.

Show and Tell

There are show and tell sessions each day which give attendees a chance to check out what everyone’s up to. These sessions are really popular and receive great interest. We will have equipment to project your ‘iDevice’ screen so everyone can see your apps in motion. This is really informal and calls for volunteers from the audience, so come prepared with your latest projects, as we are all interested to see and hear about them!

Topic Suggestions

Start brainstorming on possible topic suggestions as you’ll be hit up for these. New this year, we’ll be opening up the session board wiki-style a few weeks before the event. Advantage: early adopters! Nat will turn these suggestions, and more on the morning of the 5th, into a structured session schedule for the day. It’s like magic, only it’s done by meat. Meat wizardry! What will they think of next? Anyway, anything goes for sessions, so if you have knowledge to share that others would benefit from, turn it into a topic. If you want to find out more about something, turn it into a topic…you get the idea. Or maybe you’re still not sure? We’ve written up some helpful advice on how to lead a Bar Camp session.

Survival Guide

For some more Q&A’s and what to expect check out the official BarCamp site here


for old school emailers, and @nzdevmob for you hep cats on Twitter.

Price and Registration

Early-bird registration is $130 for the full event ($70 for just one day). Last-minute  is $150/$90. For comparison, that’s about 9% of an iPhone, or around half of what Wheedle is worth. A bargain!

Students get a whopping 20% off discount. On your honour, we won’t be checking IDs. Request your voucher code by emailing

You can register on the day. We will be able to accept eftpos, Visa and Mastercard. (Sorry, we will not be able to accept First Bank of Klortho cards.)


We’ll provide lunch, and morning- and afternoon-teas.  Let us know when you register if you have any special dietary needs.

You can purchase additional meals from venue catering by pre-arrangement.

Saturday Untethered

We’ll be hosting drinks and nibbles at the conference venue for “informal socialising.” It’s up to you whether to stay, go to dinner, or sneak off home for a mug of hot cocoa and an early night with a rug over your knees and the National Program on the wireless.

Wifi and Power

Due to the high wireless demand to cater for 150 people with multiple devices, we ask that you limit its use where required, especially when the whole conference is assembled en masse. PLEASE restrain from large downloads and make sure your patches and updates are installed before you arrive at the conference. Save your torrents of all the seasons of Game of Thrones for home, m’kay?

Transportation and Accommodation

We can offer very affordable shared accommodation at our venue in Snells Beach. For $20 a night you can have a double share room with shared facilities.

There are also a variety of affordable accommodation options within easy driving distance of the venue.


There will be a shuttle bus from Auckland CBD organised to bring people up to Snells Beach on Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon.

Code of Conduct

We want everyone to feel welcome and safe at devmob. Please refer to our Code of Conduct if you’d like to know exactly what that means!